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  1. Department/Division within Thomas Jefferson University Hospital
    Jefferson Health- Enterprise

  2. Title of Student COVID-19 Volunteer Project
    VaxConnect Patient Outreach

  3. Detailed Description of Project
    1. What is the goal for the project?
      The Jefferson VaxConnect Task Force is an interprofessional team dedicated to conducting widespread outreach to patients across the enterprise to ensure equitable access to COVID-19 vaccines. Outreach is focused specifically on ensuring inclusion of populations in underserved zip codes and communities of color and is designed to overcome potential barriers to individual self-scheduling such as lack of internet access or MyChart use, low health literacy and vaccine confidence, and logistical challenges getting to vaccine appointments (e.g., lack of transportation).
    2. What will be the student volunteer role in the project?
      Outreach/Patient Caller
    3. Will there be other individuals overseeing the student role?
    4. Will the students need to be in contact with patients directly or remotely?
    5. Will students need to work shifts or can they do this project on their own time?
    6. Is there a personnel structure/hierarchy for this project? (i.e. will students be reporting to an attending, resident, other health care professional, etc.)
    7. Will students be self-supervising?

  4. 1-Line Description of Project (for advertising purposes)
    Provide outreach to Jefferson Health patients in underserved communities and help them get scheduled for the COVID-19 vaccine.

  5. Contact Information
    1. Who will be the point of contact in the department to receive the list of student names that have volunteered for the project?
    2. This individual should also be in charge of heading all student volunteer efforts in that department. Their responsibilities should include the following:
      1. Communicating with student volunteers.
      2. Orienting student volunteers.
      3. Communicating with the necessary departmental faculty members about the project.
      4. Get the project up and running.
      Name: Candace Caldwell
      Phone: 267-581-4489

  6. Student Coordinator
    1. This individual should be a student selected by your department from one of the colleges at TJU. They will work along with the Department Coordinator to organize volunteer efforts for this department. However, it is not required to have a Student Coordinator for a volunteer project.
      Name: Sarah Stuccio
      Phone: 570-540-006

  7. Department Faculty Member Overseeing Project
    1. Which departmental faculty member will oversee this project.
      Name: Bracken Babula

  8. Estimated Time-Commitment for the Project (hours/week)

  9. Availability Needed
      Available Shifts: (please indicate the number of shifts available and the hours per shift)
      Monday: 3 shifts; 3 hrs/shift
      Tuesday: 3 shifts; 3 hrs/shift
      Wednesday: 3 shifts; 3 hrs/shift
      Thursday: 3 shifts; 3 hrs/shift
      Friday: 3 shifts; 3 hrs/shift
      Saturday: 2 shifts; 3 hrs/shift
      Sunday: 2 shifts; 3 hrs/shift

  10. Number of Volunteers Needed
    1. This can be a rough estimate.

  11. Special Skills
    1. Clinical Experience
      1. From which colleges will the program be accepting volunteers? (SKMC, JCN, etc.)
        Medical and Nursing students
      2. From which years will the program be accepting volunteers within that college? (i.e. all years in SKMC or only 4th year medical students)
        All years
    2. Certification
      1. Will students need any specific certification for the experience? (BLS, EMT, etc.)
    3. Language
      1. Will you need students who are proficient in a language other than English?
        Please specify what language(s):
        Spanish, Vietnamese, any would be helpful
      2. Will you need students who are Certified Medical Interpreters?

  12. Special Needs
    1. Epic Access
      1. Will students need full remote Epic access?
      2. Can students use partial remote Epic access (through the iPad app Canto)?
    2. Other Software
      1. Will students need specific software to participate in this program?
      2. Will students need to have a specific computer model for this program?
      3. Will students need to have software installed on this program?

  13. Additional Details (please provide any other necessary details)

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