Other COVID-19 Student Volunteer Initiatives and Ways to Get Involved


JeffSitters Babysitting Services

Many Jefferson students are currently away from their clinical obligations and eager to help front-line healthcare staff during this time of crisis. As Jefferson health professional students transition to learning from home, they are in a unique position to help support the Jefferson community in this unprecedented time. JeffSitters has developed an online forum to exchange babysitting services between Jefferson students and employees. Although the purpose of this program is to support those in the Jefferson Community, it is not endorsed by, or provided in association with, Thomas Jefferson University.

If interested in volunteering, students can fill out a form on the online forum that will allow healthcare providers to contact them to assist with babysitting and related household services that they are in need of at this time.

On the website, employees seeking services can fill out a form to list their babysitting needs, and then use the list of available babysitters to search for a babysitter who can assist them (babysitters may also contact providers but we encourage employees to first reach out to babysitters who would meet their needs using their available email addresses).

For more information about the program, please visit the link below to the google group platform for JeffSitters or feel free to contact the program at jeffsitters@gmail.com.


Students Delivering Fresh Fruit and Veggie Boxes to Discharged Patients

Jefferson is partnering with the Common Market who will be supplying us with 60 individual boxes, delivered weekly, and filled with about 7 fresh fruit and veggie items. We are seeking volunteers to deliver these boxes to discharged patients who need to self-isolate or who screen positive for food insecurity. Delivery will be on Tuesday afternoons, meeting at Jefferson to distribute boxes to the volunteers, over an estimated 2 hours. Volunteers will have no patient contact as boxes will be left on doorsteps. Deliveries will be divided by zip codes, and students will need a car. Please contact us if you are interested in volunteering at laura.gontz@jefferson.edu.

Link: https://www.thecommonmarket.org/

JeffHOPE Mask Making Initiative

JeffHOPE remains dedicated in making sure our patients feel safe, protected, and cared for during this unprecedented and uncertain time. One of those ways has been through making fabric face masks for the residents and staff at our five shelters — Eliza Shirley, Sunday Breakfast Rescue Mission, ACTS, Our Brother's Place, and Prevention Point. As you can imagine, we need a large number of masks in order to keep the residents and staff continually safe and protected. If you are interested in making or contributing fabric masks to our shelters, please email jeffhopemasks@gmail.com. We will provide instructions on what fabric to use, how to make the masks, and how to donate. Hand sewn masks are preferred; however, we will also be accepting some "no sew" cloth masks depending on quality and durability. Please contact us with any questions. JeffHOPE thanks you for your help and dedication!

TDI Technologies Manufacturing Face Shields to Battle COVID-19

In a time where so many of us feel helpless, TDI Technologies, Inc. is making a difference in the fight against COVID 19.

TDI Technologies, Inc. (TDI) is a local Research and Development Engineering Services company that provides innovative solutions to government and commercial clients utilizing advanced technologies. TDI is headquartered in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania with satellite offices at the Philadelphia Navy Yard. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, TDI is eager to become involved in contributing to solutions that help us fight the fight. To that end, TDI has a non-profit affiliate, ChariTdi, that is partnering with Temple University to manufacture face shields to help meet the shortage of PPE for frontline medical, healthcare and paramedic workers.

In conjunction with the Temple University COVID-19 Task Force and in a partnership with the Temple University College of Engineering, ChariTdi is establishing multiple temporary worksites in the Greater Philadelphia Region to manufacture the face shields to help meet a critical shortage of PPE. As an industry partner, ChariTdi will be replicating many of the production methods being executed by Temple's on-campus task force. The production involves pouring liquid plastics into a mold to create the head band pieces for the face shields. This process has increased the production capacity over 3D printing from about 5 per day to 50 per hour per volunteer. TDI is operating at spaces in Philadelphia and its suburbs and is looking to recruit unskilled volunteers to assemble and pack the shields for delivery.

How you can help!

TDI Technologies is seeking volunteers! For as little as one 4-hour shift, you could make a world of difference! You can visit their volunteer site at https://volunteerforheroes.com, for additional information in volunteer opportunities as well as to facilitate volunteer intake. If you or someone you know is interested in volunteering, please direct them to this website.

Asian Community Phone Banking

Asian community-based organizations, including VietLead, Asian Americans United, the Woori Center, and SEAMACC, initiated a phone bank system to address the language gap in Asian American and Pacific Islander communities. With the consistently changing policies of COVID-19, and limited language appropriate resources online, phone banking will offer valuable translated resources and comfort to the needed community members. Volunteers will make phone calls to remind people to stay at home, update city COVID-19 announcements, and share a rundown of services available to people. In addition, the volunteers will also take the opportunity to encourage households to fill out the 2020 Census and reminding them to vote in the November election. Multilingual volunteers are needed. If you speak Mandarin, Cantonese, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Korean, and other Asian languages, please consider joining this volunteer opportunity to support the community!

Volunteer for VietLead: https://bit.ly/3eYPMfa

Volunteer for SEAMAAC: https://bit.ly/3cQxSJm

Volunteer for KACP or Woori Center (Korean/English): https://bit.ly/VolSignup2020 or http://bit.ly/WooriPhonebank

Volunteer for Asian American United (Chinese/English): https://bit.ly/3bKfRfH

If you have any questions, feel free to contact yawei.song@jefferson.edu.

Student Volunteers for POHPS Virtual Tutoring Sessions

As you know, most of the schools have closed down and have switched over to online curriculum. Neither teachers nor the kids were ready for this drastic change, and they have voiced their need for help. Let's get together and use our smart brains that got us into grad school to help these kids out. The current plan is to use Zoom/Facetime/Google Chat or any other online medium that is convenient for the kids and the tutors to help with homework or keep them occupied while the parents need some time on their own.

You can sign up to help using the online form at:

Connect for COVID-19

At virus hotspots across the country, countless patients-- especially elderly and low-income - are suffering in social isolation without a smart device to stay connected to their families and communities. We are collecting donations from individuals and organizations of video-enabled smart devices (smartphones, tablets, laptops) to help vulnerable populations (seniors, low-income, etc.) stay connected with loved ones and the world. We need volunteers to solicit donations, specifically we need help developing creative approaches to encourage donations from individuals, as well as those with good people skills to reach out to companies and Universities to solicit bulk donations. In addition, there are opportunities to connect with local hospitals and nursing homes to determine their device need and develop device accepting workflows. If you are tech savvy we could use your help loading donated devices with apps for nursing homes who cannot do this themselves. There are MANY different ways to get involved so if you are interested please do not hesitate to reach out! All of these efforts will help get devices into the hands of patients and elderly individuals. Please help us in our effort to prevent people from suffering and dying alone.

Contact Information:
Alex Reibstein
Jefferson University Hospitals Liaison


Clips of Compassion

No One Dies Alone (NODA), a Jefferson University student-led hospital volunteer group, has been looking for ways to engage with Jefferson Hospital patients during these challenging times. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, we have suspended our bedside compassionate care volunteering with patients who would otherwise be dying alone. Currently, Jefferson hospital patients are only allowed 1 visitor due to the restrictions. Inspired by our mission, we quickly developed an innovative way to stay connected and make a positive impact called the "Clips of Compassion" Project spearheaded by the members of NODA. We are compiling audio and video clips of singing, reading poetry, positive messages, dance performances, etc. from any and all Jefferson students that would like to contribute. Our goal is to use the already accessible hospital iPads to play our compiled "Clips of Compassion" to all patients who are isolated under COVID-19 precautions. We hope to bring inspiration and joy to these patients, letting them know that we all care.

We have created a Google Drive link that anyone with a Jefferson email address can access and add their contributions to: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/18t4OXfa3PHDn77R731cBgpsYdChusTFe?usp=sharing

We hope that you consider creating this positive message with us and we look forward to hearing from you! If you have any questions or comments, please reach out to us at noda@jefferson.edu.

Student Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Efforts at Jefferson

PPE efforts at Jefferson have been directed at making and repurposing hospital materials into PPE. We successfully hosted an event where we made 10,000 face shields out of materials obtained from an automobile parts factory. We will have more events such as these in the future on a TJUH needs-basis. If you are interested in volunteering, fill out this google form survey and we will reach out via email when new opportunities arise. Spots are limited due to social distancing rules, so we apologize if you do not get the opportunity to volunteer. Please contact Naz Sarpoulaki (Nazanin.Sarpoulaki@jefferson.edu) if you have any questions.



We are PPE2PHL, a coalition of health care students who source PPE from our local communities and industries and connect them to in-need health care facilities in the Greater Philadelphia area. Our team collaborates with the Philadelphia Department of Public Health to ensure that our resources be distributed equitably amongst our in need facilities. Additionally, we've partnered with local organizations who create hand sewn masks, so that we can tackle universal masks for all and work together to help our communities triage medical grade masks for our healthcare workers.

You can visit our website at ppe2phl.org or reach out via ppe2phl@gmail.com to get involved.