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Please use this forum to sign up for COVID-19 volunteer opportunities. As more projects become available, they will be displayed on the Student Volunteerism Platform. Please check back regularly for additional volunteer opportunities!

Currently, there are an overwhelming number of students willing to volunteer to help with the COVID-19 initiatives at Jefferson. Many previously established projects have an overwhelming number of volunteers at the moment. However, there are many other volunteer projects currently in development! If you are already volunteering for a project listed on this platform, you can continue volunteering with your current project. Please do not sign up for the same project again via this platform. If you would like to sign up for additional projects on the platform, please feel free to do so!

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Projects that are "Open to New Volunteers" are those that will be accepting new student volunteers at the moment. Please sign up for those projects via the link below their description. Projects that are "Closed to New Volunteers" are currently saturated and do not need any new student volunteers right now. Please do not email the coordinators for the projects that are "Closed" at this time. Check back to the website frequently as those projects might open up in the future when they begin recruiting new volunteers.

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Project Title: COVID-19 Testing Sites in Vulnerable Communities
Department: Health Design Lab
Description of Project: Jefferson has partnered with the City of Philadelphia Department of Public Health to establish two COVID-19 testing sites in vulnerable Philadelphia communities.
Department Coordinator: Morgan Hutchinson
Department Coordinator Contact:
Student Coordinator: Natalie Burke
Student Coordinator Contact:
Total Number of Students Needed: 30
Number of Students Enrolled: 36

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