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    5 Habits Of Successful Writers — and Ways To Foster Them In Your Own Writing
    Instructor: Jennifer Wilson, MS
    Date: 3/19/2018
    Time: 12:00pm – 1:00pm
    Location: Scott Memorial Library, Room 200A, Center City Campus
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    Few of us ever learn how to write with consistency and fluency, and yet being able to do so can mean the difference between being a highly regarded researcher and one who is overlooked. Studies have shown that successful writers practice specific habits that help them flourish and make the process of writing less mysterious. This workshop will focus on these habits and provide practical advice for fostering them in your own writing.

    Upon completion of this session, participants will:
    • Know 5 habits of successful writers
    • Understand how they improve the writing process
    • Learn practical ways to integrate these habits to achieve their own writing goals