Scott Memorial Library

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Consult the Virtual Event Management System Calendar

Save time! Make sure a room is available before you request it:

  • Launch the Virtual EMS (opens a new window)
  • Under Browse, you can select Browse for Space or Browse Facilities
  • Browse for Space is the default view. This screen will display a grid of all the rooms with reserved times blocked off, but you can display a more-detailed view of specific rooms.
  • Scroll down and select the room you wish to reserve. (See the Reserve a Library Meeting Room or Learning Resources Classroom page for details on the classroom space offered.)
  • A window with location details will appear.

  • Click the Availability tab to see the schedule for the room. You can use the tabs to scroll ahead in time, or see multiple days and weeks. Shaded spots are already reserved!
  • If a room is available, complete the reservation request.