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Technical Support for Portfolium, Glogster, and VoiceThread

Jefferson students now have access to the following career-building and presentation tools:

Portfolium is a free electronic portfolio product that you may use with some of your courses or when you're ready to search for that great new job.

  • Learn More About Portfolium
  • Recommended Privacy Settings (for using Portfolium only with your courses and instructors) - You can choose to change the privacy settings to allow others to view your content later if you like. JCN recognizes your right to privacy and by following these settings you'll be sure that no one sees any of your content unless you choose to share it with them. You can have a mix of shared/live content and private school content as well.
  • Activate Your Portfolium Account (use your Jefferson email address, i.e.
  • Student Guide
  • Faculty Guide

VoiceThread is tool for sharing audio files.