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I'm leaving Jefferson -- how can I keep my RefWorks and F1000 Workspace citations?

Jefferson alumni are eligible for continued access to RefWorks as long as Jefferson continues to subscribe to the service. To help us track interest in this service and ensure your account remains activated, please update your user status to "Alumni." From Update Profile (top right), choose Type of User and then Alumni (applies to Legacy RefWorks only). If you are going to another organization that subscribes to RefWorks, ask RefWorks technical support group ( to transfer your account to the new institution. If you're leaving Jefferson, but are not an alum, individual subscriptions to RefWorks may be purchased for an annual fee. Then ask RefWorks technical support group to transfer your records. Exporting references to alternative citation managers (e.g., EndNote) may be accomplished by selecting the compatible format.

If you move to a new institution that doesn’t have an F1000 subscription, individual subscriptions are available for $9.95 per month. If you prefer not to purchase a subscription, then you will still be able to access and work on your old projects, but you won’t be able to create new ones.

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