Office of Research Administration
       Professional Development

The Office of Research Administration provides support services, oversight and training to TJU faculty and staff in submitting, managing, and monitoring external funding. Listed below are four tracks designed to strengthen your knowledge of the full life cycle of a grant.

If you are a TJU faculty or staff member and would like to schedule a workshop for your department or office, please send a request to

JEFFTRIAL TRAINING: JeffTrial training is performed under the supervision of JCRI. To schedule a training session, please use this link to the SKCC ticket system to request in-person training:
JeffTrial documentation can be found by using the following link to Confluence, and signing in with your Jefferson's campus key and password:
For general JeffTrial related questions/concerns, you can also contact JCRI at

COMMUNITY OF SCIENCE/PIVOT is a research tool to identify grants and other funding opportunities. It is especially helpful in collating NON-FEDERAL funds. Visit the Pivot homepage and click "Sign Up." After setting up your account, feel free to try out the advanced search tools or consult training materials. Please contact if you have any problems using Pivot or you'd just like some tips for crafting better searches. Gary invites anyone to make an appointment to come to his office if they would like hands-on assistance.