Scott 2nd Floor Student Collaboration Rooms: Policy Change

March 12th, 2014

Group Study RoomThe six student collaboration rooms along the west side of the second floor of Scott Library are now unlocked and available any time between 8 am and 2 am.

Like to plan ahead? Jefferson students may still make reservations for the four rooms along the East side of the second floor. Make that reservation now.

Scott 3rd Floor Journals: Transition to Electronic Access

March 10th, 2014

recycled books


The 3rd floor of Scott is currently being transformed from a journal warehouse to an enhanced study space.

The first batch of bound journals is now being moved to dumpsters, but – don’t worry – this journal content is available online and the volumes will be sent to a recycling company.

When the transition is completed the reclaimed floor space will be redesigned to support additional study alternatives. In addition, duplicate books and old editions will be recycled to free more space on the 4th floor.

New Book: Transforming Interprofessional Partnerships

March 5th, 2014

Book coverTransforming Interprofessional Partnerships: A New Framework for Nursing and Partnership-Based Healthcare By Riane Eisler, JD, PhD(h), and Teddie M. Potter, PhD, RN, is now available in the Scott Memorial Library 4th Floor book collection: WY 88 E36t 2014

From the publisher:

“Healthcare professionals are experts on healing, but they often lack the necessary tools and guidance to heal the healthcare system, say the authors of a new book published by the Honor Society of Nursing, Sigma Theta Tau International (STTI).

Transforming Interprofessional Partnerships: A New Framework for Nursing and Partnership-Based Healthcare by Riane Eisler, JD, PhD(h), and Teddie M. Potter, PhD, RN, empowers nurses and healthcare professionals to re-examine the current state of interprofessional collaboration to build a more effective, caring, and sustainable healthcare system.

As the first book written from the nursing perspective about interprofessional teamwork in healthcare, Transforming Interprofessional Partnerships defines and illustrates the full partnership model in practice, education, and research to improve communication and interprofessional collaboration. The book also serves as a template for true partnership-based patient and family-centered care, which empowers patients to take an active role in their healthcare decisions.

The authors advocate for a paradigm shift that will dramatically change — and improve — the nursing field.”

Read the full press release

Trials in PubMed Linking to Systematic Reviews

March 5th, 2014

PubMed Health’s curated collection of systematic reviews now has an important new role: enabling PubMed users to go straight from a clinical trial to systematic reviews that have considered it. Visitors to records of many thousands of trials will now see a new section, called a portlet, to the right. It will show links to systematic reviews in PubMed that have cited that trial. For example, people visiting the NIH-funded Women’s Health Study publication on beta-carotene supplementation would see the “Cited by 9 systematic reviews” portlet pictured here:

systematic reviews portlet Read the rest of this entry »

New Exhibit at Scott Library: Photographs of the Grenada Chocolate Company by Karen Kirchhoff

March 4th, 2014

March Exhibit at Scott

15 E-Books New to JEFFLINE in February

March 4th, 2014

book covers

Scott Library added these 15 ebooks in February to the growing collection:

All Scott Library Floors Now Open 24/7

February 25th, 2014

We are pleased to announce that the library has extended its 24/7 access for Jefferson ID or Jefferson Health System ID holders to include the second and third floors.

To support the increased use of the Scott Building we have worked with security to add additional safety patrols through the library in the late evening/early morning periods. The Facilities Department has agreed to supplement cleaning by scheduling trash pickup in the late afternoon in addition to the early morning cleaning they regularly perform.  These changes will help keep the building safe and clean for you during these increased hours of operation.

Please remember food is limited to the first floor of the building. This will help keep the building clean, particularly the study carrels. We hope that you find this change in hours helpful for your individual and collaborative study needs.

Basic Concepts in Stem Cells: Integrative Medicine Grand Rounds, March 4th

February 25th, 2014

Please join us for Integrative Medicine Grand Rounds on Tuesday, March 4, 2014 in  925 Chestnut Street, 2nd floor conference room from 8:00-9:00 am. Please note the venue for this exciting program.  Anthony J. Bazzan, MD, ABIHM. is presenting and the title of his presentation is: “Basic Concepts in Stem Cells”

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Drug Shortage Strategies Webinar: Mitigating Parenteral and Oncology Shortages

February 25th, 2014

From the Educational Webinar Series presented by Lexicomp®:

Join Dr. Beverly Holcombe and Dr. Lisa M. Holle for the webinar “Drug Shortage Strategies: Mitigating Parenteral and Oncology Shortages” on Wednesday, March 5, at 1 pm EST.

Drug shortages have become epidemic in recent years, forcing healthcare professionals to seek out alternative therapies. A recent survey1 found that drug shortages can lead to medication errors, adverse reactions, and increased costs. With Dr. Holcombe focusing on parenteral nutrition product shortages and Dr. Holle focusing on oncology drug shortages, the webinar will explore:

  • Causes of drug shortages
  • Current state of shortages
  • Impact on patients
  • Shortage management strategies

Learn more and register for this webinar.

 1. McLaughlin, M. et al. “Effects on Patient Care Caused by Drug Shortage: A Survey.” Journal of Managed Care Pharmacy, 2013; 19(9): 783-88.


UpToDate Topic Feedback Feature

February 24th, 2014

A Reminder from UpToDate®:

Some of the most important contributions to UpToDate® come from our clinician subscribers. Over the years, these comments have been instrumental in helping us improve our clinical content. In fact, we often refer to worldwide subscriber feedback as our final level of peer review.

With the UpToDate Topic Feedback feature, it’s easy to send suggestions and comments directly to our editorial team. The button is conveniently located on the right edge of each topic window; when clicked, the feedback form opens in a separate window allowing comments to be made without ever having to leave the topic screen.

Our editorial team endeavors to respond personally to every user who provides feedback via UpToDate.

Read the rest of this entry » Tell a Detailed Story of Your Research

February 20th, 2014

Citation analysis has been the gold standard for assessing the impact of scholarly research. With the emergence of social media, citation analysis is being challenged as researchers look for new ways to share and tell a detailed story of their research.

One new approach is using, where researchers can easily create a free profile by importing their citations from various knowledge-based resources such as PubMed, Google Scholar and Orchid.

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F1000Journal Clubs: New From F1000Prime

February 19th, 2014

F1000Journal Clubs, a new service within F1000Prime, is an online tool to help scientists create, organize, and share the conclusions of, their journal clubs. Features include:

  • Online meeting scheduler
  • Article short listing and voting
  • Integrated F1000Prime & PubMed searching
  • Audiovisual and document file uploading and archiving
  • PDF figure extractor for creating presentations
  • Journal club report writing, commenting and sharing tools

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Citation Management With Mendeley

February 17th, 2014

Mendeley logoAre you searching for a free, desktop option for managing your references? The Mendeley citation management software offers rapid sync between the desktop and the Web, a bookmarklet for quick export of search results from your favorite databases, and the ability to obtain full-text from the Scott Library journal collection or open access publications. Collaboration is facilitated by creating private groups, sharing references, and searching for groups and colleagues. Free iTunes apps are available for the iPhone and the iPad. Also, Scopus now offers integrated export to Mendeley.

Mendeley was acquired by Elsevier last year and is currently available free with 2GB of storage. Purchase options are provided for added personal storage space or team collaboration.

While Scott Library only formally supports RefWorks at this time, we do provide a few short videos on Mendeley installation, citation management, and merging duplicates on our Mendeley Help page.


Spotlight on New eBook: Blogs and Tweets, Texting and Friending

February 11th, 2014

book coverBlogs and Tweets, Texting and Friending: Social Media and Online Professionalism in Health Care by Sandra M. DeJong.

Sandra M. DeJong, MD, is a medical educator interested in how digital technology impacts the medical profession. She states that her new book is an “effort to focus on broad-based concepts of the importance of professionalism in medicine and the ways in which professionalism is at risking the face of the scope, speed, and permanence of digital technology.”

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MethodsX: Share Research Techniques and Tweaks in New Open Access Journal

February 6th, 2014

New, from Elsevier:

Methods X publishes the small but important customizations you make to methods every day. By releasing the hidden gems from your lab book, you can get credit for the time, effort and money you’ve put in to making methods work for you. And because it’s Open Access, it is even more visible and citable, giving your work the exposure it deserves.

MethodsX provides an outlet for technical information that can be useful for others working in the same field, and help them save time in their own research, while giving you the deserved credit for your efforts. Since this is relevant for any field doing experimental work, MethodsX welcomes submissions from all research areas.

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