Drug Shortage Strategies Webinar: Mitigating Parenteral and Oncology Shortages

From the Educational Webinar Series presented by Lexicomp®:

Join Dr. Beverly Holcombe and Dr. Lisa M. Holle for the webinar “Drug Shortage Strategies: Mitigating Parenteral and Oncology Shortages” on Wednesday, March 5, at 1 pm EST.

Drug shortages have become epidemic in recent years, forcing healthcare professionals to seek out alternative therapies. A recent survey1 found that drug shortages can lead to medication errors, adverse reactions, and increased costs. With Dr. Holcombe focusing on parenteral nutrition product shortages and Dr. Holle focusing on oncology drug shortages, the webinar will explore:

  • Causes of drug shortages
  • Current state of shortages
  • Impact on patients
  • Shortage management strategies

Learn more and register for this webinar.

 1. McLaughlin, M. et al. “Effects on Patient Care Caused by Drug Shortage: A Survey.” Journal of Managed Care Pharmacy, 2013; 19(9): 783-88.


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