Blackboard Learn Rubrics Workshop Offered in October

logoBlackboard Learn is the course management system used on the Jefferson campus beginning this Fall. Although very similar to its predecessor, Pulse, the interface looks different and there are a number of new features that can significantly improve your efficiency. Education Services has been offering workshops to get faculty started with the new product.

A one-hour workshop on Blackboard Learn: Rubrics will be offered on October 8th and October 17th.

Workshop Description: Blackboard Learn allows you to associate scoring rubrics for your assignments. If you’re not convinced of their value, come to the workshop to see how scoring rubrics can improve your grading efficiency and reliability. Topics include:

  • What is a scoring rubric and why should I use one?
  • How to create, copy and edit a rubric
  • How to associate a rubric with: assignments and discussions
  • How to import and export rubrics
  • How to grade with rubrics

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3 Responses to “Blackboard Learn Rubrics Workshop Offered in October”

  1. Cathy Shelton Says:

    What time are the workshops?

  2. Michele Meltzer Says:

    Is the workshop being filmed? Are you doing any workshops on Wednesdays?

  3. lgm002 Says:

    Visit the registration page for current dates and times.

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