On ResearchGate? Complying with Your Publisher’s Policies?

ResearchGate is a scholarly networking site. Think LinkedIn, but with publications. A recent TechCrunch article reports that “it’s begun to find some traction in the scientific community, having grown to more than 2.8 million members spread across 131 countries since launch, with 30 percent now logging in once per month.” As of today, ResearchGate shows 612 Jeffersonians have profiles.

ResearchGate makes it easy—just one click—to upload the full text of your publications and ask authors of papers you’d like to read to do the same. But policies about whether this upload is permitted vary from journal to journal. For example, compare the archiving policies for the journals Emergency Medicine International (figure 1) and Academic Emergency Medicine (figure 2).

If you’re thinking of uploading your publications, consider sending them to the Jefferson Digital Commons (JDC); email them to Dan Kipnis ( We’ll check the journals’ policies in the SHERPA/Romeo database to make sure the versions that are archived satisfy publisher policies. You’ll then be contributing to Jefferson’s archive and be able to upload the appropriate document to ResearchGate.

SHERPA Emergency Medicine International

Figure 1. Partial RoMEO record for the journal Emergency Medicine International showing the publisher’s policy is that authors may archive the publisher’s version/PDF.


SHERPA Academic Emergency Medicine

Figure 2. Partial RoMEO record for the journal Academic Emergency Medicine showing the publisher’s policy is that authors may not archive the publisher’s version/PDF, but may be able to archive earlier versions.

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