How the Brain Learns: Online Seminar October 8

How brains learnEvery educator wonders from time to time (or maybe all the time!) what his or her students are thinking. But what about how they’re thinking?

You’re invited to attend a live broadcast of an online seminar on How the Brain Learns: Implications for Teaching and Learning.

When: October 8, 2013, 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm

Where: Scott Library Room 200A

The presenters, Leslie Myers, M.Ed, and Melissa Terlicki, Ph.D. will survey the current landscape of neuroscience research, citing recent findings about issues including:

  • How emotion and motivation contribute to learning
  • How the brain receives information
  • How information is sorted, processed, and prioritized
  • How environmental factors contribute to the acquisition of knowledge
  • How the brain physically develops as knowledge builds
  • The importance of relevance and engagement in the learning environment

With those findings as a backdrop, they’ll examine pedagogical methods that can leverage the brain’s natural processes to enhance learning. Specifically, they will provide a toolbox of classroom techniques to help you:

  • Establish an environment that promotes learning
  • Dial into student motivators
  • Deliver course content in ways that optimize comprehension
  • Create strong foundational learning for students to build on
  • Encourage the formation of critical knowledge connections and associations
  • Enhance retention of course material

You’ll gain greater insight into what drives the learning process in your students. That in turn will help you adapt your teaching in ways that maximize students’ desire and ability to learn, with improved learning outcomes as a result.

Seating is limited, so please email Dr. Tony Frisby at Anthony.Frisby@jefferson to reserve your spot.

3 Responses to “How the Brain Learns: Online Seminar October 8”

  1. marcia levinson Says:

    Tony, I would love to attend this online seminar, oct 8, how the brain learns, but will be teaching off campus that afternoon. Could you tape it and perhaps offer a time to view the tape? That would be great. It sounds like an amazing session.

  2. Tony Says:

    Hi Marcia, yes, we will have a recording of the session produced. It’s being created by the hosting organization and will be sent out roughly two weeks after the presentation. We’ll load it to the library’s online video page and send out a note when its available. Tony

  3. Ann Handlon Says:

    I would appreciate being able to participate in this seminar. I teach AP Psychology at Washington Twp. High School in Sewell, NJ and we are now beginning the brain! Thanks

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