Unavoidable Construction Noise at Scott Library

SML constructionOver the last few months you may have noticed scaffolding throughout the Jefferson campus and heard the annoying sound of bricks being drilled overhead. This work is part of a city-mandated inspection and repair of brick building facades. The objective is to secure the facades by checking mortar and repairing or replacing sections as needed to insure public safety. This process will be repeated in another decade.

Work began on the Scott Library building during the summer, and it will likely continue through this calendar year. Each quadrant of the building is undergoing two phases of activity:

  • inspecting and grinding out weak mortar sections
  • repairing any of the steel support structure behind the brick and then replacing the brick

Work hours are between 7:30 am and 3:30 pm, but that includes some setup and break down, so active noise is less than that. It will take about a month to complete each quadrant. The projected schedule for Scott Library is:

  • September – South West quadrant
  • October – North West quadrant
  • November – North East quadrant
  • December – South East quadrant

While the library strives to provide a pleasant, quiet study environment for the Jefferson community, we realize that noise from the present project distracts from that environment. The work is essential and, unfortunately, beyond our control. We will, however, try to negotiate a break from the construction around exam time, but that may also extend the time it will take to complete the project.

We’ll post updates as the work progresses.

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