Scott Library Introduces a New Way to Print and Copy with a New Payment System

terminalUpgraded Xerox copiers have been installed throughout the library featuring wall-mounted terminals for swiping your Jefferson ID card to pay for printing and copying. The cost will continue to be $0.10 per page and the new payment system will have a rolling implementation.

 For Jefferson students:

 Initially, only students will be able to swipe their Jefferson ID cards after depositing funds in a printing account through the Jefferson Bookstore (at the Bookstore’s Customer Service Counter or using the Online Card Center). Establish an account as soon as possible to get access to the new copiers throughout the building.

 For Jefferson staff and returning students with a Jefferson Copy Card issued by Scott Library:

Until the option to load funds onto Jefferson IDs is extended to Jefferson staff, printers using the old copy cards are available on the first floor of Scott Library and in Jefferson Alumni Hall; copiers using the old copy cards are available on the second floor of Scott Library and in Jefferson Alumni Hall. Since any funds left on those cards cannot be refunded, you are encouraged to use your balance as soon as possible and to only add additional funds if needed in the short term. After your funds are exhausted, get assistance from the 2nd Floor Service Desk for other options. We appreciate your patience during the transition period.

If you have any questions, or need help using the new equipment, please visit the Scott Library Service Desk or call (215)503-6995.


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