Transition from Pulse to Blackboard Learn

On August 5th the new Learning Management System (LMS), Blackboard Learn, will replace Pulse as the site for active courses and most organizations. Organizations are now located under the Blackboard tab “Community.”

The Pulse links on the University and University Hospital site will update to Blackboard, but if you have Pulse set as your homepage you can change that to: Your campus key will be used to access Blackboard, just as it was with Pulse.

Course and organizational content on Pulse will remain available as an archive for four years from when the course occurred. Archived content will remain at the existing Pulse address:

What is happening to Pulse after the transition?

We have always kept courses available for four years so students could use past content when studying for other courses or licensing exams. To ensure continued access, we’ve negotiated permission to keep the existing server operational as an archive for this additional time. To keep links from breaking between the different instructional technologies (licensed video, licensed ebook content, journal links, recorded lectures, course blogs, wikis, etc.), the service name “Pulse” and the current URL will stay with this equipment. Any courses with the year indicating 2012 (201201-2012x) will continue on Pulse until they finish.

The University’s new LMS address is: Courses with the year of 2013 (201301 and forward) will be on this system along with licensed content for the 2013-2014 academic year.

Interested in learning more? Here is some background:

  • Late 1990s: Jefferson was one of Blackboard’s first university clients, working with them since their initial launch of CourseInfo. Our implementation of the system was called “Pulse.”
  • 2011: Blackboard announced the end of support for its current line of products and moved to a new release named Blackboard Learn. The initial release of the Blackboard Learn system represented a significant change in both design and instructor workflow. In the fall of 2011, AISR’s Education Services group began reviewing potential Learning Management Systems for Jefferson to consider before committing to the Blackboard Learn system.
  •  January 2012: an “LMS review” working group was appointed by the deans of each School and College with representation for each of the academic programs. The working group narrowed down the list provided by AISR Education Services and test sites were built in each LMS platform for user evaluation. The LMS products reviewed were: Moodle, Sakai, Desire2Learn, Canvas and Blackboard Learn. Faculty, staff, and students were invited to explore each of the platforms and submit comments. The working group members were asked to seek input from their faculty colleagues and rank each of the LMS options. The ranking and feedback demonstrated the campus preference for the new version from Bb, called Blackboard Learn. This new version is cloud based and hosted by Bb, not Jefferson.
  • Spring 2013: The different academic calendars on campus made selecting when to launch the new system a challenge. We wanted to avoid having students change from one system to another during a course. For that reason, the Nursing FACT program, which starts in May and runs for twelve months, was selected as the first to have courses in the new system. Faculty in the FACT program began training on the new LMS in March 2013. The FACT program students began using Bb in May.
  • May 2013: AISR Education Services began training workshops for all faculty.
  • July 2013: Training for Organization leaders began in July.



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