UpToDate® Graphic Search Enhances Your Ability to Diagnose and Treat

Quickly and easily search an extensive library of high-quality graphics from UpToDate including more than 25,000 pictures, tables, illustrations, diagrams, graphs, algorithms and videos, without using a separate search engine.

After searching a clinical term, select “Graphics” from the menu in the left navigation. For even faster access, select “Graphics” from the dropdown menu in the Search box. With either approach, the resulting graphics appear in thumbnail format. Clicking a thumbnail opens a larger version of the graphic.

Accessing topics with references to graphics

Each graphic references and links to related UpToDate topics under “Appears in Topics.” And from within an UpToDate topic, you can see all corresponding graphics.

Watch a brief video demonstration to learn more about conducting a Graphics Search, sharing information with patients or colleagues, and exporting graphics to a presentation.

UptoDate graphics search

UpToDate (anonymous on-campus session)

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