Faculty of 1000 Article Reference Service is Now F1000 Prime

Faculty of 1000 has changed the name of its article reference service from F1000 to F1000 Prime. Their new open access journal, F1000 Research, provides an alternative to existing publishing models. The journal offers a rapid publication process, post-publication peer-review, an interface for displaying referee comments, approval status and currency. Authors are encouraged to submit research and data which may be difficult to publish in traditional journals. This model provides a platform for facilitating scientific advancement, sharing of data and collaboration.

F1000 Research provides the updated version of this article written by Gavin R. Oliver:


The referee’s ratings along with their names and affiliations are provided alongside the abstract:

article status summary

 The article’s author provides details of the changes made to first version of the article in response to the referee’s comments:

author comments

The version dropdown menu above the article title provides a way for viewing the previous version. If one selects version 1, the reader is alerted that this article is not the most current version.


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