Scott Library Improvements Begin in January

On January 7, 2013, renovations will begin on the second floor of Scott Library. The construction of 10 small-group collaboration suites along the east and west sides, is expected to take 7-8 weeks and we will keep as much of the second floor open as possible during this time.

The new rooms, for groups of 4-6, are designed to support group study and collaboration. Each will be fully equipped with a computer, a large flat screen monitor, and a writing surface. Students will also be able to connect their laptops to the large screen.

Scott Collaboration Suites

During the initial phase of the project, the following moving and construction activities will occur:

  • Study carrells along east and south walls will be removed.
  • Study tables along the west wall will be relocated to others areas of the floor.
  • Remaining shelving will be relocated.
  • Electrical outlets will be added in various areas of the floor.
  • Some computers and printers will be relocated.
  • Construction barrier walls will be built.
  • Carpet and ceiling tiles will be removed from construction area.

Construction updates will be posted in Scott Library as the project progresses.

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