Jefferson Digital Commons: Notes from October-December 2012

2012 wraps up with the Jefferson Digital Commons (JDC) archiving 6,655 assets and registering 1,209,115 full-text downloads. Approximately 407 new items were added to the JDC during the last quarter of 2012.

One year ago, the JDC had 4,370 assets.  Over the past year 2,285 new assets were added, averaging a little more than 6 assets per day.  In addition, our download count went from 772,501 on Jan 1, 2012 to 1,209,115 on Jan 1, 2013.  On average, we had 1,196 downloads per day.

Top 10 most downloaded items (for all time) in the JDC:

  1. Multiple Pregnancies: Determining Chorionicity and Amnionicity (24,969)
  2. Understanding “sports hernia” (athletic pubalgia) –The anatomic and pathophysiologic basis for abdominal and groin pain in athletes (24,531)
  3. Photo quiz – pruritic rash after ocean swim (20,486)
  4. Structure of the breast in the human female (19,344)
  5. On the anatomy of the breast, volume II [Plates] (16,345)
  6. On the anatomy of the breast, volume I (16,280)
  7. Pathophysiology, diagnosis, and treatment of spinal meningoceles and arachnoid cysts (15,409)
  8. Acute proximal hamstring rupture (12,891)
  9. Using the Infant/Toddler Sensory Profile in Early Intervention Services (11,127)
  10. Part IV: University Components and Activities — Chapter 58: The Women’s Board (pages 991-1018) (11,067)

Highlights from October-December 2012

     New Assets:

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