Enhancements to the Jefferson Digital Commons

The Jefferson Digital Commons has several new enhancements to help with browsing for materials and keeping up-to-date with specific authors and/or publications.

1. The Discipline Browser

The new discipline browser organizes Jefferson Digital Commons content based on the Digital Commons three tier disciplines taxonomy. Searchers can navigate from the top level of the discipline browser to sub-disciplines, as well as authors. The new disciplines browser is dynamic and will update automatically as content is deposited in the JDC. The new disciplines browser is available from the sidebar of the JDC homepage.

JDC disciplines

2. The Discipline Color Wheel

The discipline color wheel offers a visually appealing method of discovering scholarly content. The wheel provides researchers a clear visual overview of the breadth of research in the repository. The discipline color wheel will also continuously update to reflect up-to-date content deposited in the JDC. The discipline color wheel can be found at the bottom of the JDC homepage.

Color Wheel 1

color wheel 2

3. Follow

Researchers can choose to follow the entire JDC, a specific community, a series publication or specific authors within the JDC. A weekly email highlighting new research in the repository will be sent to followers.



4. The Digital Commons Network

The Digital Commons Network ( brings together the growing community of Digital Commons repositories. The DC network provides another pathway to discovery of scholarship.


Researchers can start with a view of the Discipline Wheel, conduct a general search, or navigate to the Commons of each major discipline. At the time of writing this summary, the network has 257 repositories and over 597,612 items archives and available open access.

If you want your Jefferson produced scholarship archived in the Jefferson Digital Commons (articles, conference posters, videos, presentations etc.) contact Dan Kipnis,, 215.503.2825.





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