New in the Jefferson Digital Commons: “Adorn the Halls”

The Jefferson Digital Commons (JDC) team has scanned and uploaded Julie S. Berkowitz’s popular book Adorn the Halls: History of the Art Collection at Thomas Jefferson University. It is now available in the at: Berkowitz’s exhaustive research on the art collection of Thomas Jefferson University culminates in an in-depth historical analysis of works from Thomas Eakins’ “Gross Clinic” to faculty portraits and early Roman Imperial sculpture. In her own words: “Individual art objects considered collectively can construct a pictorial history of and describe the spirit of the institution. The Jefferson collection is diverse enough to trace a meaningful history of public portrait trends in late-nineteenth and twentieth-century Philadelphia” (Berkowitz, 8).

The Jefferson Digital Commons team encourages Jeffersonians to submit their scholarship to the JDC. Please contact Dan Kipnis at for more information.

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