Letters from 1841 Jefferson Medical College Graduate in JDC

The Jefferson Digital Commons team is hard at work  loading the letters of John Plimpton Green (1819-1892). Green graduated from Jefferson Medical College in 1841 and he practiced medicine in Whampoa, China and then Caopaipo, Chile, where he lived most of his life.

The letters in this collection include correspondence between John Plimpton Green and his family, as well as the correspondence of his father, William E. Green. Content includes letters written while John Plimpton Green was a student at Jefferson Medical College, correspondence from his time in Chile, and earlier letters concerning his father William E. Green.

The first batch of letters (12) has been loaded. Take a moment to step back in time and read the original letters along with the transcriptions from AISR staff.  Marvel at the humanity and the universality of  topics, including: fatherly advice, job status at Lee Saage and Co., a harsh Massachusetts winter, illness, an escaped horse, a request for money for the family farm, dresses, muffs and tights.

Readers are invited to contact the JDC team with suggested transcription corrections. All questions or comments can be sent to


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