Eliminating Print Journals from the Library

Members of the Jefferson community:

The University Library Committee has prepared a draft of a policy for the withdrawal of print journal volumes.

As more journal publishers make older copy available in electronic format, the Committee wanted to ensure that a set of standards could be applied as decisions are made on a title-by-title basis to replace print with electronic copy.

We are interested in hearing your comments and reactions to this draft. Please review the draft and either send your thoughts to, or leave a comment on this blog entry by Tuesday, October 7, 2008.

Thank you for your consideration.

5 Responses to “Eliminating Print Journals from the Library”

  1. Marshall Fleurant Says:

    I don’t believe you should get rid of the print journals. You would be suprised how many times I have to look for articles not available in electronic format and were it not for the journals in print available in this library I would not get the information. Please do not do this. It is hard to get these journals if it is not in electronic journals and it also exposes a student researcher or staff who does not yet have financial support unfair burden of cost to request these articles from other libraries and buy them for $5 – $10 dollars a piece.

  2. Alan Forstater MD Says:

    As long as the electronic version is available, I prefer electronic. If no electronic version is available, then hard copy is essential.

  3. Kristine Lay Says:

    I personally like using the online or electronic journals, however when they are not available I do use the print journals. I feel that if you are going to get rid of the print journals then the library needs to have more subscriptions or access to more electronic journals. If you can replace the ones in print in an electronic format, maybe via disc or online, I would not object. As a student, with limited income, it would not be advantageous for me to request articles from other libraries. Again, only do this if it cut costs and gives more access.

  4. kondal madaram Says:

    I am fine if we have a electronic version of the journal available for free.

  5. Lauren Says:

    I think its a great move and a space saver. I know the cost of these journals is rising, and I do hope that our subscriptions do not change because of this. All too often I see the words “subscription canceled,” and I hope this does not continue. I think the e-journals are wonderful and a time saver. I am all for this.

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