New Funding for Young Biomedical Researchers

The Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) has announced a major new program that will provide $300 million to some of the nation’s best early career faculty at a time when they most need the help. Jefferson is among the eligible institutions.

From the press release:

The new program is aimed at researchers who have run their own labs for two to six years and are now at a critical point in establishing their own vibrant, independent research programs.

Through a national competition that opens today [March 10, 2008], HHMI plans to select as many as 70 early career scientists from a wide range of scientific disciplines relevant to biological and medical inquiry. These scientists, most of whom will be assistant professors at the time of the award, will receive six-year, non-renewable appointments to HHMI and receive the substantial research support necessary to move their research in creative, new directions. HHMI will invest more than $300 million in this first group of scientists and plans a second competition in 2011.

Read the full release for details and supporting links.

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