Preview New Stat!Ref Interface

Popular e-book vendor Stat!Ref is moving to a new interface on or about August 1.  They’ve released a preview of it, so you can kick the tires and look around before they make the switch.

  • Faster and easier access e-books, images and videos
  • Better access to Stedman’s Medical Dictionary and the medical calculator, MedCalc 3000
  • Easier access to tables, figures, &  images for presentations and lectures
  • Research tracking, so you can return to your “favorites” for fast retrieval
  • Easier access to bibliographic citations, including Refworks and Endnote
  • More options for customization  of user preferences
  • New aesthetic design & improved layout – clean, crisp and easily navigable

Go ahead, give it a try!  Log into Stat!Ref, and accept their invitation to view the new interface.

Stat!Ref's new look

One Response to “Preview New Stat!Ref Interface”

  1. Gar Says:

    The new interface looks good.

    I didn’t spot it at first, but use the “Bookshelf” link at the top left to get a list of titles easier to read than the one in the left navigation bar.

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