Jefferson’s Bird of Prey Pays a Call

Peregrine falcons have been making a comeback in recent years, nesting on city bridges and finding good perches on tall city buildings.  The pigeon populations common in cities attract them, too, as an easy food source. Other hawks, such as Cooper Hawks, find city living appealing, as well.

One of these birds of prey hunts in the Jefferson area, sometimes surprising staff who look out a window to see it perched in a tree, looking back at them.  Medical Media Services lead photographer Dave Super was lucky enough to come across our raptor with a fresh kill, out on Lubert Plaza.

View additional photos in Dave Super’s Photo Gallery.

Read more about falcons in the Philadelphia area, their future prospects, and falcons in general.  The Franklin Institute also maintains a page about their red-tailed hawk’s nest in Center City.   We’re not sure which bird we caught on camera, but would appreciate assistance with identification.

2 Responses to “Jefferson’s Bird of Prey Pays a Call”

  1. Michael Guenther Says:

    It sounds like you are suggesting this bird is a Peregrine Falcon. It is actually a Red-tailed Hawk.

  2. Andrew Says:

    The article doesn’t label this bird a peregrine falcon, but it does imply it.
    This is certainly a hawk, not a falcon. Probably a red-tailed hawk, but I’d like to see more pictures (Dave Super’s gallery is missing or protected).

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