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Lecture Capture Support

The lecture capture system records podium PC audio and visual activity to provide students access to review content through multiplatform replay. Recorded lectures are made available in the Blackboard course shell for that class immediately after the lecture has completed.

Lecture Capture Support Resources

Getting Started:

All Jefferson faculty may capture their lectures for student review. There are no charges for using the lecture capture system for credit-based courses on campus during normal business hours. Support outside of Medical Media Services’ normal business hours will incur an equipment setup charge.

Which locations are available for lecture capture?

    Bluemle Life Sciences Building:
      101 BLSB
      105 BLSB
      107 BLSB

    College Building:
      202 College
      203 College
      204 College
      205 College
      206 College
      707 College
      Foerderer Auditorium
      Herbut Auditorium

    Curtis Building:
      215 Curtis
      217 Curtis
      218 Curtis

    Jefferson Alumni Hall:
      207 JAH
      307 JAH
      407 JAH
      509 JAH
      Brent Auditorium
      Solis-Cohen Auditorium
      M-13 LRC
    Edison Building:
      1302 Edison
      1402 Edison

    Hamilton Building:
      201 Hamilton
      202 Hamilton
      208/209 Hamilton
      210/211 Hamilton
      213 Hamilton
      214 Hamilton
      215 Hamilton
      216 Hamilton
      217 Hamilton
      218 Hamilton
      220 Hamilton
      224/225 Hamilton
      308 Hamilton
      408 Hamilton
      504 Hamilton
      505 Hamilton
      512 Hamilton
      616 Hamilton
      Connelly Auditorium

    Scott Library:
      307 Scott

How do I get started?

Support Issues:

Please send support requests to:

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