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Document Delivery Services

When Scott Memorial Library doesn’t own journal articles or books, we will order them for you from other libraries. We’ll also photocopy articles from our own collections and send them to you as a convenience service. Please note that this is a fee-based service.

The Thomas Jefferson University document delivery system changed on August 16, 2010. We now provide interlibrary loan and document delivery (the former JeffDocs service) using ILLiad software. All requests must now be made online, and first-time users will be asked to register for their account.

Service Policies and Fees

Contact Us:
Contact Laura McNamara, Serials and Electronic Collections Librarian, at 215-503-5203 or Monday-Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Who is Eligible for Service?

  • Interlibrary loan materials are materials we borrow for you from other libraries. Currently enrolled students, TJU and TJUH staff and faculty are eligible for interlibrary loan services. Corporate and individual Library members, alumni, retired faculty and staff, and members of the public are NOT eligible for ILL services. Users from affiliated hospitals must request loans through their own hospital’s library; we cannot borrow for or lend to them as individuals.
  • Document delivery services include the scanning and delivery of articles and book chapters from the Scott Memorial Library collection. The document delivery service is available to all TJU faculty, students, TJU and TJUH staff, alumni, volunteer faculty, and both corporate and individual Library members.

What Can Scott Memorial Library Borrow for Me?

  • Items we will borrow on behalf of Jeffersonians include articles, books, book chapters and AV materials. The Scott Memorial Library is unable to borrow copies of theses or doctoral dissertations. However, UMI Dissertation Publishing will accept your direct dissertation order; fees apply.
  • Scott Memorial Library reserves the right to refuse a document delivery request if, in our judgement, fulfillment of the order would violate U.S. Copyright Law. For example, standard copyright rules prohibit photocopies of items more than 50 pages in length, or more than 5 articles from a single journal issue.
  • The Scott Memorial Library subsidizes the cost of interlibrary loan and document delivery requests. Due to the cost of interlibrary loan borrowing, set by the lending library, the Scott Memorial Library will not place requests for materials that are not directly related to Jefferson coursework/research or a clinical need. Occasionally we may ask for clarification of interlibrary loan requests such as the course number or name of the instructor teaching the class for which the material is needed. The Scott Memorial Library reserves the right to cancel any interlibrary loan requests.
  • If you would like to borrow an item of personal interest, which the Scott Memorial Library does not own, please make your request through the Free Library of Philadelphia. The Free Library provides services to anyone who lives, works, or goes to school in Philadelphia. Applications for library cards are available online.

How Do I Place an Order?

  • Requests for either interlibrary loan materials or document delivery services may be placed any time online via the ILLiad system. Users set up their own ILLiad accounts with their valid campus key and password of their choice. We do not accept requests in any other format other than through the ILLiad online system. All requested items can be tracked by the individual user through their ILLiad account.
  • The Scott Memorial Library does not have access to ILLiad passwords. Forgotten passwords may be reset directly from the ILLiad system.

How Will I Receive My Materials?

  • Delivery options include pick up at the circulation desk located on the second floor of the Scott Memorial Library, electronic delivery for articles/book chapters if payment via interdepartmental charge code of free student request, fax, or interdepartmental mail. Fees may apply.
  • You will be notified via email or text message when your materials are ready for pick up or available online for retrieval.
  • We must receive payment before sending your document(s) electronically, in the mail or by fax. Payment is available via interdepartmental charge code or (IDC.) Students receive ten free document delivery/ill requests per academic year. If your document falls within the 10 free quota we will send it electronically.

What Does It Cost?

  • Jefferson students receive ten free document delivery/ill requests per academic year.
  • The fee for other Jeffersonians is $5.00 per individual article, book, book chapter, or AV item and may be paid via IDC, cash or check. Payment must be indicated on each request. Cash and checks can only be accepted in person at the circulation desk on the second floor of the Scott Memorial Library.
  • The fee for Corporate Members is $20 per item requested from the Scott Memorial Library collection.
  • We will invoice alumni and Library members.
  • Non-TJU students on rotation here are not eligible for free document delivery services and are charged the standard $5 rate. ILL services are not availabe to rotating students, instead requests should be place through their home institutions.
  • Residents and fellows are considered clinical staff, and are not eligible for free student document delivery services.

Further Information
For questions concerning any document delivery service including setting up a new ILLiad account, please contact Laura McNamara at or 215-503-5203.

Please check the online catalog and our e-journal list before ordering materials. You may also check holdings at other local libraries before placing an order. A personal visit may be faster than ILL.