Federal Work Study Program


The University Office of Student Financial Aid of Thomas Jefferson University is seeking on-campus and community service Federal Work Study jobs.

Benefit to the Department and University - The Federal Work-Study Program provides low cost student employment to University employers and the surrounding community. The department or agency assumes financial responsibility for only 25% of the students' earnings. The Federal Work-Study Program pays the remaining 75%. In regards to literacy programs, the work-study program will fund 100% for the student's wages. (Please note: effective Summer 2017 the FWS split will be 75% federal and 25% by the employing department. All literacy programs will continue to be funded at 100% by the FWS program)

Benefit to the Student - The Federal Work-Study Program provides students with the opportunity for employment to help meet educational expenses while providing hands-on opportunities that will enrich their educational experience.

Benefit to the Community - The Federal Work-Study Program will provide interested, committed, and qualified students for community-based projects on and off campus. Work-Study students can make a difference in many areas of our community by providing their time and knowledge to those who would not normally receive this care. Community service positions currently include the Bridging the Gaps program and JeffREADS. The JeffREADS Program employs students in various programs teaching literacy to elementary-aged school children. The Federal Work-Study Program will pay students employed as elementary school literacy tutors with no cost to the employing department or community agency.

How to submit a job description:

  • Download and Review the Information Packet
  • Please sign-in below using your Campus Key and Password to complete the job description form for job openings as of July 1st. This job description form should be completed by May 30th.

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