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Looking for Statistics? Try!

Wednesday, September 16th, 2009

There are lots of government sites for looking up statistics:   Census Bureau, CDC, CIA,  to name a few for the USA, and WHOSIS or CIA  for international; however,  there aren’t many places that try to combine them easily for comparison and make a graphical respresentation of it to boot!  A relatively new website called NationMaster attempts to do just that.  The creater (Luke Metcalfe) is a self-described “stats geek”  and “CIA Factbook Junkie” from Australia who found this dilemma frustrating.  Hence he created this privately owned and operated solution.

The website gathers statistics from a variety of sources (CIA World Factbook, United Nations reports and surveys, US Census Bureau,  UNESCO and more!) and presents the data in an easy-to-use graphical format. Although not completely authoritative, the easy user interface gets researchers quickly to informative data. This well-designed site, whose motto is “Where Stats Come Alive!” deserves a look.  Where else can you easily find out that Norwegians are the biggest coffee drinkers or that Canada is the most immigrant friendly?  If nothing else, you’ll be well-armed with interesting factoids to throw out as a conversation starter at your next social event.  And maybe you’ll even get some serious research done too!


JBC Thematic Minireviews

Friday, September 11th, 2009

The Journal of Biological Chemistry is one of Scott Memorial Library’s heavily used journals.  An added feature of our subscription is access to their Thematic Minireview Series.


Here’s the description from their site:

With the rapid rate of today’s scientific advancements, it can be difficult enough to keep up with one’s own research specialty, let alone the numerous other disciplines covered under the biochemistry umbrella. To that end, the ASBMB Council, Publications Committee, and JBC Editors developed the Minireviews to help readers keep abreast of the advances and trends in biochemical research outside their own area of expertise. The goal of the Minireviews is to provide a concise summary of a particular field in a manner understandable to biochemists working in any area. JBC also periodically offers Thematic Minireview Series, special collections of invited Minireviews coordinated by a JBC Associate Editor that are often associated with meetings and symposia.

Topics include:

  • Proteolytic Enzymes
  • Metals in Biology (podcasts available)
  • Cytochrome P450: Classics and Today
  • Non-degradative Ubiquitination
  • Novel Ras Effectors
  • Computational Biochemistry: Systems Biology
  • Molecular basis of Alzheimer disease (podcasts available)
  • The biochemical basis for triplet repeat neurodegenerative diseases
  • RNA-mediated Regulation and Noncoding RNAs
  • Interferons and Antiviral Innate Immunity