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View New & Leisure Book Lists in ThomCat (Library Catalog)

Wednesday, August 26th, 2009

Have you ever wondered how to easily see the new books that have been added to the Scott Library collection?  Would you like to browse what fun new fiction or leisure reading has been added to the first floor.  Now,with a few clicks of your mouse in ThomCat –the Jefferson Library Catalog,  you can!

From the Jeffline Homepage (, in the far left hand column under “Search”, click on the words “Library Catalog” to open the full ThomCat search page.  At the top of the search page are five dark blue, rectangular buttons.  Click on the button labeled “Info.Desk”.    You will now see two links:  “Contact Us” and “Book Lists”.  Click on “Book Lists” to see the two links you’re interested in:  “New Book Shelf” and “New Leisure Books”.  The new book list is updated daily and shows all new books from about the past month.  The leisure books show those added in the past two months.

Enjoy browsing the new books in our collection!

new book list

“Apology” and “I’m Sorry” Laws

Saturday, August 22nd, 2009

The September, 2009 update to the Hospital Law Manual includes new sections on:

  • Serious Reportable Events and “Never” Events
  • Price Transpacrency and Disclosure Requirements
  • “Apology” and “I’m Sorry” Laws

Hospital Law Manual

And updated sections on:

  • Negligent credentialing
  • Institutional negligence claim
  • Hosptial-patient relationship
  • Hospital bylaws
  • Liability for negligence of independent physician
  • Duty to warn
  • Medical Device Amendments of 1976
  • Employee’s sexual conduct with patient
  • Arbitration agreement

The five-volume manual is available in the reference area (call number WX 32 AA1 H828), and on a CD-ROM at the circulation window.