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JEFFLINE Promotions & Announcements Policy

Please send all requests for promotions or announcements on JEFFLINE to

AISR Alerts

JEFFLINE may be used to post emergency alerts on its homepage and individual community pages. Alerts appear in bold red font at the top of the targeted page(s).

AISR alerts are posted when:

  • Access to JEFFLINE resources is interrupted.
    Example: Database or journal downtime for maintenance.
  • A clinical or campus emergency requires the widest possible dissemination.
    Example: NIH clinical alert that affects Jefferson clinical services
    Example: H1N1 virus alert that affects all Jeffersonians

Requests for alerts from non-AISR sources must be approved by the Director of AISR prior to posting.

AISR News Blog

The AISR News blog posts information to the JEFFLINE homepage and selected individual community pages. It can be accessed as a free-standing blog, and its RSS feed is picked up by Pulse (and any individuals who wish to subscribe).

The blog posts information about AISR services & resources, academic publishing trends & support for Jefferson authors. It will accept news of campus-wide interest that is suitable for public display, especially for student organizations.

Examples of posts accepted from outside of AISR:
     Notice of new content in a JEFFLINE community, such as a new student guide.
     Notice of campus-wide events, such as Sigma Xi Research Day.
     Special honors, such as election of new AOA members.

Requests to post will be declined if they duplicate more appropriate campus communication services, or are intended for a private or limited audience:
     Notices intended for employees (JeffNet, Pulse).
     Departmental meetings or interest groups (JeffNews, the campus calendar).

JEFFLINE Information Pages

JEFFLINE may accommodate requests to publish individual pages that need to be available for linking from other sites on campus, with or without password protection.

Such pages are available upon request, but their creation does not assume accompanying status as an AISR Alert or inclusion in the AISR News blog.

This policy was approved by the AISR directors on June 23, 2009.