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Scott Memorial Library
1020 Walnut Street
Philadelphia, PA 19107

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AISR Privileges

Includes: Spouses or domestic partners of current Jefferson faculty, staff, students, or residents.

Scott Memorial Library:

  • Access to Scott Memorial Library:
    Access during regularly scheduled hours. Tour our facilities.
    • Access requirements for Scott Building:
      A spouse or domestic partner of a Thomas Jefferson University or Hospital student, faculty or staff member by register for a Scott Memorial Library card for free.
      If you live ON CAMPUS:
      • Present your Jefferson photo ID to the Security Officer at the 1st floor entrance to the Library.
      • Register for Library services at the 2nd floor Circulation Window.
      • Present your Jefferson photo ID whenever requesting Library services.

      If you live OFF CAMPUS:

      • Off-campus residents do not receive Jefferson photo IDs. In order to obtain the Library card, you must be accompanied by your spouse or partner to the Library's 2nd floor Circulation Window, where you must show proper documentation. Documentation is considered either a marriage license or at least two of the following items: joint deed, mortgage or lease agreement, joint checking account, common ownership of a motor vehicle, driver's licenses listing a common address, or designation as beneficiary on a life insurance policy.
      • Circulation staff will issue you a Library card.
      • Take the card to the Photo ID Center located in the Jefferson Bookstore at 1009 Chestnut Street. They will attach a photo to the card and laminate it.
      • Present your Scott Library card, with photo, whenever requesting Library services.
  • Use of the Library's public computers and study space:
    Free access.
    The Library's public computers provide MS Office products and full Internet access.
  • Use of licensed content (databases, electronic books, electronic journals, teaching materials) which requires a Jefferson Campus Key:
    Limited to IP-based materials which are accessible from the Library's public computers. Materials which require a Jefferson Campus Key are not included, however most journals and databases are included.
  • Access to the Learning Resources Computer Labs and Classrooms:
    No access privileges to computer labs or classrooms.
  • Borrowing privileges for Library print materials:
    No privileges.
  • Database searches by an Information Services Librarian:
    Available for $60 per topic, plus any applicable online fees, for up to 25 topics per year.

    Scott Memorial Library has access to hundreds of databases on a wide range of scholarly and popular topics. For more information or to request a search, contact an Information Services Librarian at 215-503-6994,, or use the online search request form.
  • Monthly alerting services on biomedical topics:
    Available for a one-time setup fee of $, plus $6/topic/month for in-house databases or a negotiable rate for vendor-based online services.
  • Photocopy and laser printing rate:
    Ten cents ($0.10) per standard black & white page; twenty-five cents ($0.25 for color prints). See the printing and copying policies for details.

AISR Learning Resources Centers

AISR’s Learning Resources Division provides computer labs, educational software and biomedical models.

  • No access privileges to computer labs.

AISR Education Services

The Education Services department conducts regular workshops on the use of Library databases and research support technologies.

  • Freely available, subject to the availability of seats and the same no-show fees that apply to Jefferson students and faculty.

Medical Media Services

The MMS department provides slides, photography, artwork and other biomedical communication support services.

  • Access to the services of Medical Media Services at the same fees as Thomas Jefferson University customers.


  • Present your Scott Memorial Library card whenever requesting Library services
  • Report lost or stolen Library Cards to the Scott Library immediately. You are responsible for all library items charged to your card prior to reporting a loss. You may purchase a replacement card for $5.
  • Follow all Library and University policies. Failure to comply with policies may result in loss of Library privileges and ejection from the Library.
  • Food may not be consumed while in the Library. Beverages are permitted in approved containers only.
  • Computer users must comply with the University's Electronic Communication Policy.

For any questions regarding membership services or privileges, please contact:

Roderick MacNeil, Deputy University Librarian
Scott Memorial Library
Thomas Jefferson University
1020 Walnut Street
Philadelphia, PA 19107
215-503-2827 (voice)
215-923-3203 (fax) (email)